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JR & Co-Stars Nominations

JR & Co-Stars is our awards and recognition programme, designed to let our employees know when a customer recognises the excellent service they deliver either alone or as a team.

Each of the nominations below has been checked, verified and shortlisted for a JR & Co-Stars Award

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You have nominated: Beatriz Santos

Your nomination: Beatriz came on board very recently and due to a various circumstances we temporarily allocated her as Site manager at WTC. She managed to make massive changes and work together with the new client and between the college. At this moment the deep clean is almost completed to a high standards across the site.

You have nominated: Team at The Salvation Army Sunbury Court

Your nomination: excellent job …good crew. thank you so much

You have nominated: John Jairo Morales Valencia

Your nomination: He works hard and makes sure that all the floors and carpet are thoroughly cleaned before he moves on to the next room. He is a team player and works well with Luis Miguel Lopez Hurtado to get the completed.

You have nominated: Luis Miguel Lopez Hurtado

Your nomination: The deep clean is carried out to a very high standard and he delegates work to his team well and makes sure nothing is left behind. He also keeps me updated with the progress and let’s me know of any problems.

You have nominated: Amedeo Sanci

Your nomination: The deep clean to the library carpets has never been done to such a high standard and with such care, for example: books were not splashed with cleaning fluid and personal items in the office were put out of the way.

You have nominated: Carlos Cassin

Your nomination:  The deep clean to the library carpets has never been done to such a high standard and with such care, for example: books were not splashed with cleaning fluid and personal items in the office were put out of the way.

You have nominated: Carlos Cassin

Your nomination: Carlos is a very hard worker with high standards and flexible. He worked around other contractors, moved machines all around site to allow others to do their job. He has a great manner and is a pleasure to work with. He asked me to check the work as it was completed to make sure I was happy with it. Carlos is an example for others to follow

You have nominated: Raquel Batista Coimbra

Your nomination: Raquel goes beyond the call of duty by continually seeking out and following through with additional responsibilities.
She effectively adapts to change, works well under pressure while maintaining a positive attitude and has an exceptional ability to provide detail.
Raquel truly demonstrates her job knowledge on a daily basis and has a great ability to manage others to meet the company goals.
Well done Raquel and thank you for your perseverance and hard work!

You have nominated: Team at The Salvation Army Sunbury Court

Your nomination: They’re friendly, extremely helpful and amazing at their job.  They are diligent and superb in their cleaning. Totally impressed by their service.

You have nominated: Team at The Salvation Army Sunbury Court

Your nomination: The employees of the Sunbury Court team are very kind and friendly. Sometimes they have to clean our rooms while we are sitting in them! But they are so gracious about that. While working hard they still take the time to greet everyone and answer any questions or anything with a smile on their faces. I think what I like best is that it doesn’t feel like they are a contracted team – it feels like they are part of the fabric of Sunbury  Court. And that speaks well of them, in my opinion.

You have nominated: Team at The Salvation Army Sunbury Court

Your nomination: The cleaning team at Sunbury Court excel in each core value.  Every time I stay at Sunbury Court the whole facility is immaculate.  Standards never drop.  The team are pleasant, friendly and professional.  It is clear from the presentation of the accommodation and conference centre that they take pride in their work.  No matter which team member you meet, they always smile and say hello.  The whole team are clearly well managed, proactive and committed to their job.

You have nominated: Tina Cruz

Your nomination: She is personal, passionate, expert and meticulous. Always take her job very serious. Always very personate with her job

You have nominated: Mrs Grace Nkansah

Your nomination: Grace is always happy and enjoys her work.  She is always a friendly face around the building and is always punctual for work.  Grace keeps the  Bond Road Family Centre clean and tidy and all the visitors who use the centre comment on how clean the building is which is lovely

You have nominated: Delbert Brooks

Your nomination: Delbert continually delivers a very high standard every single day. He is often asked to take on extra duties and to be flexible at very short notice and always does this without complaint and in a very positive manner.  He and his team are key to us delivering our services and they never let us down. Great work Del and the Team!

You have nominated: City University Cleaning Team

Your nomination: I just wanted to say a massive big THANK YOU to all of you for your amazing work sorting out my last minute dot com moves last week. I am SO sorry the time crept up on me and I did not follow through until a week before our new starter was due to start but you were SO amazing to get everything sorted out for me. A special thanks to Kim for doing all of the ground work and making sure the Charities team had somewhere to move to, and a massive thanks to Shola, the GAs, cleaners and everyone!

You have nominated: Luis Marques

Your nomination: I just wanted to let you know that Luis was really helpful to us last night during our Charity Talk event. One of our guests had had some publicity materials delivered and we could not find them in the loading bay, but fortunately Luis, who was working late, was able to tell us where they were and also collected them for us, bringing them down to the lower ground milling area. If you could please pass on our thanks as it would have been a disaster if we had not found the publicity materials so he really saved the evening for us.

You have nominated: Claudio Alves Ferreira

Your nomination: I am writing about our colleague, Claudio, who takes care of 200 Aldersgate logistics. I just wanted to let you know that I was so pleased with his hard work today. It was quite a strange day for me as a lot of things unexpectedly went wrong with my events and my arrangements for the day and I had to make a lot of changes last minute. He was such a pleasure to work with, pleasant, enthusiastic, kind and helpful. I know from experience that people often complain about people when things don’t go the way they want, but hardly mention it when someone has done an excellent job. So I wanted to make sure that you are aware of Claudio’s excellent work today and that he was a great asset to our team today.

You have nominated: Celestina Vital, Vergino Melo, Joana Bessa

Your nomination: I just wanted to give some feedback about Joanna. Myself, Kim and Shola were extremely impressed with Joanna. She worked extremely hard whilst you were away. Nothing was too much of a problem. She was very proactive, the place stayed lovely and clean and she was very quick in answering the radio. We didn’t have to worry, we felt very reassured that we were being looked after by very capable hands. I’m very proud of the Cleaning Team.

You have nominated: Armando Pires , Luis Marques, Rafael Goncalves

Your nomination: A quick and efficient service disposing of a potential hazard. At all times taking into account health and safety best practice polices and maintaining a high level of professionalism.

You have nominated: Team at The Salvation Army Sunbury Court

Your nomination: The whole team do an excellent job in cleaning my room each day and are friendly.

You have nominated: John Cardona

Your nomination: John is always there and will always go the extra mile to help his clients get the service and help that they need. He does not work 9 to 5 and no matter what time of the day you call him he is their to help and when there was an issue with our alarm he drove from his home to our offices to help out. I know when John is here as things run smoothly and know when he is away as no one else is keeping an eye on things and I can spot the difference. John will visit and do his own very good inspection and even if I am happy if he feels the service was not as good as it should be he speak to his staff. He has a good team of 2 doing the cleaning here at our offices.

You have nominated: Delbert Brooks and the lift and shift team

Your nomination: Delbert is consistently helpful and never, ever complains about his work load; especially in the summer months when there are multiple room changes for events in our main building, and in the garden for the marquee season. He is always very pleasant and willing, and quietly gets on with his work. He is an unsung hero, as are many of his team, especially Sanchez.

You have nominated: Team at Sunbury Court

Your nomination: I could have included all the core values regarding what this team excel in. I have been over-sighting the business side of Sunbury Court for 5 weeks. The cleaning team under the leadership of Krzysztof have worked energetically and with pride in their work. They display over and above commitment to their responsibilities. Nothing it too much for them to do. They are meticulous in what they do and understand the importance of ensuing the Conference Centre is cleaned to a very high standard. They are pleasant and my sense is that they feel very much a part of the overall team here at Sunbury. I commend them for their attitude and excellence.

You have nominated: The Team at Europa Capital

Your nomination: I would like to nominate my whole team who ‘look’ after my site. Rebecca (customer support desk) and Walter (Area Manager) both support me greatly , they come across passionate about their job and are very meticulous about their work do, especially when audits have been carried out and I feel that I can always rely on their expertise in their ‘field’ – I cant praise them enough in the support I get from them, which I expressed in an email not so long ago to your company. All my cleaners who work on site are friendly, professional and always seem to go that little extra mile for me. The team work is great and it would be lovely to see them all get rewarded for their efforts.

You have nominated: Rose Murphy

Your nomination: Rose has done extra shifts to cover for her colleague who is away for the month.
Thank you Rose

From all the team at Clifton Lodge

You have nominated: Krzysztof Marciniak  & team

Your nomination: Never met such a great team as people and cleaners. Been to many places, these guys are excellent.

You have nominated: Monika Wlodarczyk

Your nomination: Monica is fantastic. She is so proactive, and works very hard and always without supervision. If she finishes her duties early, she even asks the staff if she can help with other matters. Truly an exemplar to JR.

You have nominated: Jolanta Mimonskiene

Your nomination: Jolanta has been the resident cleaner at Cardamom Court for a few years now and has given a consistent level of service throughout this time. Jolanta goes above and beyond her role and is passionate about her job on the scheme. Jolanta has built good relationships with the staff on site and also the residents and gives everything that she does 100%. Jolanta is very hard working and is an asset to my scheme. She deserves recognition for the role that she has at Cardamom Court.

You have nominated: Joao Ferreira

Your nomination: Always willing to help, flexible and hard working.

You have nominated: Joao dos Santos Branco

Your nomination: Joao is friendly and courteous. Also, when requested, will try his hardest to do what is asked of him.

You have nominated: Gino Marcelo Villafana Roman

Your nomination: I am nominating Gino Roman who only works with us on an ad-hoc basis, however has always been brilliant in his role. Always happy to complete any task, makes great use of his down time, in fact I have never seen him not doing something! A credit to the company!

You have nominated: The Institute Of Cancer Research -sutton Team

Your nomination:We would like to recognise this team for their ongoing hard-work for raising the cleaning standards throughout ICR Sutton and working alongside Juan’s direction to make the building ‘sparkling’.

You have nominated: Juan Morocho

Your nomination:Juan has made a total difference to the site and both Marcin & Sandra have also been complimentary reference Juan in their day to day dealings with him including, his helpfulness. His supervisory skills are exemplary and the cleaning team seem to be following his lead. It feels like a different place. He has raised the poor standards that we previously found to standards of near on excellence. It is a pleasure to be working with such an innovative and motivated member of your team. May it long continue and I hope this effort by Juan is recognised at his annual review/appraisal.

You have nominated: Krzysztof Marciniak, Krzysztof Pietryga, +sunbury Court Team

Your nomination:The whole team from julius rutherfoord are very kind and committed, working silently in the background to provide an atmosphere where you feel well and which supports a time to work but also to relax. Krzysztof Marciniak and Krzysztof Pietryga are outstanding in their work. If you meet them, it is always in a warm welcoming way. They show such a genuine care for the work, the whole place and especially to the guests, always very kind, helpful and willing to go an extra mile. The work of the team is excellent.

You have nominated: Josh Rowley

Your nomination:Josh has been a huge help over the past few weeks, responding quickly to the one million requests I send him, never complaining and always providing me with over and above what I ask for. He also showed his team spirit and dedication by staying very late last night meticulously proof reading my work when he could have just had a quick read and got out the door! Thanks again Josh!

You have nominated: Neiza Lelia

Your nomination:Neiza has really stepped up and is now working as part of the cleaning team and willing to help out during staff shortage. Neiza is now supprting the supervisor Maimuna

You have nominated: Henry Morales

Your nomination:Henry has been nominated due to his constant hard work and support to each and every individual, Henry consistently perseveres to provide good service and communication to his employees, clients and JR team. I am extremely grateful for his support in various different aspects and believe this nomination is the least that I can do to begin to thank him for all his effort for Julius Rutherfoord. Thank you Henry!

You have nominated: Balbir Bhogal

Your nomination:This employee is very helpful,she knows how to work in a group,she understand people,always helps other employees . She is always available to work,she is a good worker. Everyone is happy with her hard work.we are very grateful .

You have nominated: Juan Morocho

Your nomination:I would like to nominate this person as is working hard to bring the standards up and keep them high level. Everything is prepared on time without chasing. Juan bring new ideas with cleaning system which works really well. Juan can work within a team and by himself. I can only say good things about Juan. Marcin

You have nominated: Paubla Escobar

Your nomination:I will like to nominate this employee because she is always willing to give more on her duties task always she is running the extra mile Well done Paubla for your hard work you make every day from clients and JR team

You have nominated: Balbir Kaur Bhogal.

Your nomination:During my recent appointment as a Estates Manager at West Thames College, I have found Balbir to always be polite, professional and helpful. Any issues that arise is detail with swiftly and effectively. All these attributes makes her an excellent ambassador for your company.

You have nominated: Balbir Kaur Bhogal

Your nomination:Hard working person always willing to help and go the extra mile.

You have nominated: Design Museum Team Worked For The Jlr Event

Your nomination:I would like to nominate the team that have worked over the past week at the Design Museum for the JLR event for their hard work and commitment to help myself to archive the success that was the relevant event , this are the relevant employees that have worked with me to make this happen and having the recognition from our client the Design Museum and the JLR client. Manuela Rodrigues ,Alberto Frank, Wuede Scotton, Paulo Lemos, Rita Garces, Jessica Lages, Nuno Pires, Salome Silva, Eugenia Balsanu. I think this is a very important time to give some of our staff the recognition that they deserve for the commitment and hard work I have email from the events team and a recognition card of thank you with some chocolate boxes to be given to the team .

You have nominated: Dyannene Ferreira

Your nomination:Dyanene has been nominated for his best Quality, integrity , Motivate and Improvement on his work as he was promoted to a Supervisor post and in between 2 month of work he has transfer our image with and excellent work performance and the cleaning team are working on same direction as him.

You have nominated: John Cardona

Your nomination:John has noticeably over this past month gone above and beyond to ensure he is on top of all his sites. He is proactive and has a fantastic willingness to ensure that he is maintaining both the clients expectations but also the demands of the office based monitoring and reporting. He is organised and very efficient in his work. If you ask him to do something you can trust that the task will be done and completed to a high standard. Well done John!

You have nominated: Krsitof M

Your nomination:I have just stayed at Sunbury Court. I have never seen such a great team. But thee team bos he is so good. He helps me with my English, He helps keep the team working hard. He gets them frendly and so kind to us.

You have nominated: Christophe

Your nomination:For excellent service that goes above and beyond what is expected.The service and attitude is exceptional

You have nominated: Sunbury Court Team

Your nomination:We have nominated this team because they have gone the extra mile to make our rooms wonderful. The attention to detail and consistency in cleaning quality is maintained across the team . The members of the team are warm welcoming kind and show a genuine care for their work. Its good to meet people who love doing what they do. They not only clean they help tidy our rooms too and this is very much appreciated.

You have nominated: Graham Buckle

Your nomination:The Sunbury Court team have been amazing over the past few weeks. With a major disappointment affecting them all they have worked through their distress at the same time maintaining their high standard with a reduced staff level. Their care our people is always highly regarded. many say they have never met a team like this is any hotel or conference centre around the world.

You have nominated: Chris Pietryga

Your nomination:Chris works so hard – he is very helpful. He enjoys the fun pf setting out my room – my teddy is always somewhere different and doing something different. He makes the six weeks I am away from my family not seem so long. He cares enough to make it seem like he is my playful son. That is an amazing recommendation.

You have nominated: Ico Sunbury Court Cleaning Team

Your nomination:While staying at Sunbury Court (The Salvation Army conference centre) for six weeks, I have experienced the highest quality of cleaning in my accommodations. The team works very hard and takes great pride in the quality of their cleaning. I did not have one complaint. Very thorough, very efficient, excellent work!!

You have nominated: Julius Rutherfoord, Commercial Cleaning Services

Your nomination:It has been 33 days since I’ve moved in…not even once has i@ve been disappointed with their services. The staff are friendly, open, polite and sincere in their work.

You have nominated: Christophe

Your nomination:Christophe and his team at Sunbury Court, where I now have been for 5 weeks, take the very best care of everything in my room. Every day they make it absolutely spotless, and welocoming for me to come back to. The whole team is always friendly whenever you meet them.

You have nominated: Christophe

Your nomination:-hard worker -looks very smart and clean. -very respectful -very humble -very friendly -always the rooms are clean to the high standards and all things are put in appropriate place -knows what to do at the right time and the right place.

You have nominated: Team Sunburry Court Conference Center

Your nomination:This team is great! They work hard, always friendly, respectful and helpful. By the way in which they do their work make you feel welcome!

You have nominated: Christopher

Your nomination:Here at the Salvation Army ICO, Christopher and his team are doing an excellent job, rooms are well maintained and cleaned with extra care and their attitude toward the residents is very friendly.

You have nominated: Mount Bhari

Your nomination:She has been working very hard for the school and deserve the best she can have

You have nominated: Ebert Olivos

Your nomination:Ebert has worked extremely hard this month, he had 5 new sites starting on the same day. Ebert is always enthusiastic and never complains. He worked around the clock visiting the different sites and training all the teams. Ebert deserves this WOW award for his commitment to Julius Rutherfoord, his clients, his team and his colleagues in head office and he is a joy to work with.Ebert is always happy to help out and always has a smile on his face. Keep up the great work.

You have nominated: Henry Morales

Your nomination:I have nominated Henry due to his positive approach and constant hard work. Henry is extremely motivational to his team and other colleagues, and is always willing to make himself available to help a peer. Thank you Henry for all that you have done and all you continue to do!

You have nominated: Krsysdtof Marcinak

Your nomination:I have never seen such a team going the extra mile and caring for people and the property and grounds. They buy things for the clients, they go beyond the normal duties of any other cleaning team I know. I saw them helping people with their laundry. ADvising people on things to do and where to go. I nominate the leader of the tram as he sets the standard he expects his team to reach, he is so helpful.

You have nominated: Phillipa Parker

Your nomination:Because, she works effectively and help me a lot with dealing with our clients, in a daily basis.

You have nominated: Louis Casagallo

Your nomination:Louis is absolutely fantastic. He is the best cleaner and so very polite and pleasant

You have nominated: Nuria Nunez

Your nomination:I would like to nominate Nuria Nunez because she is helpful, polite, hard working and she has great customer service quality in HR team. Thank You Sam

You have nominated: Julius Rutherford

Your nomination:Their service is exceptional and they go above and beyond. They are always very pleasant and their cleaning service is excellent.

You have nominated: Sunbury Court Conference Center Team

Your nomination:The team that cleans at The Salvation Army’s Sunbury Court Conference Center. They have done an outstanding job. Their attention to detail is wonderful and they are extremely friendly and courteous!

You have nominated: Janina

Your nomination:Very courteous, great smile and hard worker. Room is exceptionally clean and Janina is very respectful of guests.

You have nominated: Christophe

Your nomination:Chris is very polite, very clean, very efficient, committed, quick and organized. He is creative and a good supervisor.

You have nominated: Sunbury Court Team

Your nomination:Excellence of service. Kind, polite, courteous, helpful, good at their jobs and the whole team take a pride in what they do. Nothing is too much.

You have nominated: Katia, Margarita

Your nomination:We would like to praise Katia and her devotion to the job, she is like a human dynamo, nothing is too much for her to do. When something requires doing it is done quickly, without a fuss and with a smile. She’s constantly on the go, proactive. At lunchtimes the breakout tables are wiped and rubbish left on them removed, (almost before it registers that the table has been vacated). She checks to see if meetings have finished early so the trolleys are not left in the room unnecessarily. Katia and Margarita together are well matched and make an exceptional team

You have nominated: Margarita Velez, Karina

Your nomination:Terry has asked me to send an email passing on our feedback We would like to praise Katia and her devotion to the job, she is like a human dynamo, nothing is too much for her to do. When something requires doing it is done quickly, without a fuss and with a smile. She’s constantly on the go, proactive. At lunchtimes the breakout tables are wiped and rubbish left on them removed, (almost before it registers that the table has been vacated). She checks to see if meetings have finished early so the trolleys are not left in the room unnecessarily. Katia and Margarita together are well matched and make an exceptional team

You have nominated: Sue Parker

Your nomination:There was a flood of the water tank very early this morning, the cleaners having contacted Sue Parker and Danny have stopped the water, and Sue and her team have cleared the worst of the water. Sue has arranged for the carpet shampooer for Monday morning to remove the potential staining and smell. Thankfully the school will be business as normal this morning. Sue and her team have yet again come to the rescue of a school! So if there is a reward for a manager that goes the extra mile that has to be our Sue!

EMPLOYEE: Henry Morales

COMMENT:We would like to nominate Henry for going above and beyond on numerous occasions, specifically with regards to the way he has contacted clients and he has maintained service delivery to sites. Each customer he has dealt with has been satisfied which goes towards the retention of our business and he has an astounding ability as a key driver of the business standards

 EMPLOYEE: Carina De Freitas

COMMENT:I will like to nominate the employee because she is is doing a fantastic job on Queens Gate senior and Junior she is make excellent services working together with the team to make a huge difference. The Client is really happy of the services, well done carina keep running the extra mile

EMPLOYEE: Walter Cabrera, Deep Clean Team From 27th August At Europa Capital

COMMENT:I have nominated Walter and his whole ‘Deep clean’ team for an outstanding job which they completed on Saturday, 27th August. Walter and his team had a very big job to complete and they all did it with great enthusiasm. I feel that it is very important, especially in this type of work environment for these kind of guys to receive acknowledgement for their hard work and such great team work.


COMMENT:She had a really friendly manner and our office looks so sparkly.


COMMENT:A wonderful deep clean of Museum No.1. We’ve never seen it look so good!


COMMENT:She did a great job

EMPLOYEE: Steven Banks

COMMENT:Steven is a hard working member of the JR family. He is always willing to assist with any query even if he was up at 5am that morning to visit a site!

EMPLOYEE: Michelle Borges

COMMENT:I have nominated Michelle for a WOW Award because she is always willing to help and support any of her peers at work with a great big smile on her face! Thank you Michelle for your hard work for JR!


COMMENT:Took to the work well. Highlighted areas for improvement. Is a hard and passionate worker who is friendly, approachable and listens to instruction.

EMPLOYEE: Stella Arango

COMMENT:We recently had a flood in our basement.This was an emergency situation as the flooding was in our sever room that supports all of our European offices. Whilst we awaited the arrival of an external emergency support team Stella stayed in the basement with the in-house facilities team mopping water and carrying buckets outside to dispose – we had to do this for the best part of an hour and Stella worked alongside the in-house team without any complaint and was a great help. She definitely went over and above the call of duty.

EMPLOYEE: Ricardo (ricky)

COMMENT:I would like to nominate Ricky, as his support is greatly appreciated, he is always willing to help regardless if it his contract or not. He always does things with a smile. He is things with a well respected General Manager.

EMPLOYEE: Humberto

COMMENT:I would like to nominate Humberto, as since he has worked on site at the bank his profession has been extremely good, he is always motivated and looking for ways to improve our standards of cleaning. He is a hard worker and is always willing to go the extra mile Client also comments about his standards on CHoare Bank

EMPLOYEE: Elkin De Jesus

COMMENT:Elkin is always reliable, does a thorough job in the staff area I am in. He always says hello and is friendly.

EMPLOYEE: Elkin Dejesus (with Rest Of Kew Team)

COMMENT:These guys work tirelessly to make sure everywhere is spotless for us when we arrive, Elkin especially as he is responsible for our mess room. I just wish the other staff here had the same drive as these guys do!

EMPLOYEE: John Cardona

COMMENT:I would like to nominate John for the care and quality of work he provides to our site on a daily basis. Always looking to improve his best and going above and beyond his duty to perform an outstanding cleaning service in our buildings. He is a valuable person to have on your team, and we appreciate his dedication to our company. Nothing is too much for him he never overlooks even the smallest detail. All our staff here are extremely pleased with his work.

EMPLOYEE: Michael Sobral

COMMENT:I would like to nominate Michael because he is always willing to help me with the trainings and share his knowledge with me. He always has a smile on his face what makes him a very approachable colleague. I would specially like to mention the day he spent with me voluntarily at the Training Academy for 2 hours and a half when he had to work on wages. Day after I was told he left the office very late. On behalf of HR Team, thanks Michael for all your support 🙂

EMPLOYEE: Edgar Marcelo Queiroz (julius Rutherfoord)

COMMENT:For Marcelo’s hard work for many years and also his promptness to help everyone in the office whenever is necessary. Thank you Marcelo!!!!!!

EMPLOYEE: Yusuf Adan

COMMENT:He works extremely hard on behalf of your company always trying to do a great job, always helpful and polite, an outstanding employee of your company.

EMPLOYEE: Pauline Cox

COMMENT:a long standing hard working member of your team. A lady of this age that can show the younger cleaners a thing or two about cleaning, always does a fantastic job.

EMPLOYEE: Ivone Monteiro

COMMENT:Ivone didn’t want to do the supervisor job but I told her to give it a try and if she didn’t like it she could step down but i,m glad she has stuck with it because she is doing a outstanding job she and her cleaning team have worked very hard to get the school to a high level of cleanliness I have had many comments from the head teacher and parents on how clean the school is no matter how messy the classroom get with glitter, clay, paper cuttings the classroom are always spotless the next day. she always comes in with a smile on her face and she doesn’t moan if I ask her to do something like if a child has been sick over the table and chairs and I ask if she could wash them down she will say no problem and it gets done

EMPLOYEE: Meemee Meridith

COMMENT:This person works alone on this site and has done a great job of managing the cleaning contract since we started the contract back in Dec 2015. Meemee has a great relationship with the staff onsite and does a fantastic job, she is very reliable and has never let us down. If we have any urgent requests from the client, Meemee jumps straight on to it to resolve for the client and is also very flexible if the client asks her to adjust her start time for a day. Well done Meemee, keep up the great work, you should know that we all really appreciate it here in Julius Rutherfoord.

EMPLOYEE: Kew Cleaning Team

COMMENT:The cleaning team at Kew, supervised by Angela Henao have provided a fully comprehensive cleaning operation in contributing to the successful launch of Kew’s new attraction, The Hive. This is in addition to there normal operational actives which have been undertaken seamlessly as per normal They have demonstrated a real desire to make a difference and in particular the reactive element has been very much in evidence. Well done to all!

EMPLOYEE: Paublo Ferraz

COMMENT:I we like to nominate Paublo the supervisor, at ST Anthony School For he’s hard work he is aways on top of the dutys on site also is great to hear from. Ones of prestigious clients Sarah the below comments. We have a very good team at the moment and Paulo is an excellent supervisor. Regards, Sarah Well done Paublo keep running the extra mile you and the team

EMPLOYEE: Rebecca Elliot

COMMENT:Rebecca is a great team player whom is always ready to go the extra mile to help and solve any issues I may have.

EMPLOYEE: Rhiannon Broad

COMMENT:Rhiannon is a charismatic member of the Julius Rutherfoord team. Her eagerness and hard work acts as an example and an inspiration to others in the office. There is no task to big for her to challenge!

EMPLOYEE: Rebecca Elliot

COMMENT:Rebecca is always very helpful and always makes time to answer any query or question you have and even if she is in the middle of something else she will stop to help you out. I have requested Rebecca’s help numerous times over the last few weeks at short notice and not once has she complained. She is always enthusiastic and is a great ambassador for Julius Rutherfoord. One of our clients requested a selection of different products for their new offices at short notice and Becky put together a selection of different products and prices for the client to choose from and ordered them for quick deliver. Becky is a great team player. She always has a smile on her face and nothing is to much trouble. Her enthusiasm and positive approach to work is refreshing. Keep up the great work Becky.

EMPLOYEE: Rhiannon Broad

COMMENT:Rhiannon has recently stepped up to take more responsibility in our tender team. She has demonstrated a high degree of professionalism, great attitude, attention to detail and is delivering really great responses.


COMMENT:The client comment a really good feedback employee is doing are great job on site also he will sent letter

EMPLOYEE: John Cardona

COMMENT:Since John took over the supervision of the Chelsea sites, he has worked extremely hard to bring the cleaning standards back up to our expected high standards. John has gone above and beyond his duties in his helpful manner. He has organised with our team to manage the lab floor cleans and is doing an exceptional job. We have also received very good feedback from other teams how helpful & accommodating John has been. Whilst I have selected ‘quality’ as a value, John has ‘improved’ the service delivery and ‘motivates’ the team. His ‘integrity’ has shown him to be a loyal person to his own company and to the ICR especially, when there was an incident involving another JR employee who broke the rules!

EMPLOYEE: Almerinda Militao

COMMENT:Almerinda is the team supervisor at Hackbridge. She works very hard, is a very cheerful and friendly person and does her very best to motivate the team. Recently it has been difficult for her and she has had to do quite a lot of additional cleaning as we have not have our quota of operatives on site. Hopefully this will improve now and she will have sufficient staff. She manages her staff very well too.

EMPLOYEE: Jose Antonio Freitas

COMMENT:Jose has been working at our school for a long time now. He is an excellent employee and very hard working. His cleaning is also of a very high standard and our hall floors look lovely

EMPLOYEE: Andre Lopes

COMMENT:As we all know Andre is very helpful and proactive member of the cleaning team; he is always ready to go the extra mile to help. Last week, he has helped me to resolve a problem with the pantry dish washer, where we had froth everywhere caused by the wrong soap applied accidentally by the catering users. No one knew what to do and Andre decided to help me and we managed to fix it. Without him this would not have happened, I just want to make sure that he knows his help its much appreciated and never taken for granted. If you could please pass my BIG THANK YOU to him, that would be much appreciated.

EMPLOYEE: Vicente Lopez

COMMENT:Vicente is a pleasure to work with – and a great ambassador to the hard work completed by Julius Rutherfoord

EMPLOYEE: Vicente Lopez

COMMENT:Vincente is exceptionally friendly, hardworking and dedicated. It is a pleasure working with him.


COMMENT:the reason for my nomination is because Sam Hoda is always helpful with payroll and he is very easy to approach and taught me and always gave me loads of support since my first day at work. he has a great personality and good manner he will help and support anyone that needs help with anything.

EMPLOYEE: Edgardo Gutierrez

COMMENT:We own and manage a large Industrial Trading Estate in North London of which Edgardo cleans the communal areas and our own offices. We have had many cleaners over the years and none of them have compared with Edgardo. He has been with us since 2004 and over the years has proved himself to be hardworking and conscientious. We have always found him to be a very helpful, responsible and courteous man who takes his job very seriously. We could think of no better cleaner to receive a Wow-Award than Edgardo.

EMPLOYEE: Janet Afriyie

COMMENT:Janet is always very efficient at her job and is always very helpful. She is always very happy to go that little bit further in her role. It is a pleasure to have her working for our organisation.

EMPLOYEE: Vicente Lopez Neira

COMMENT:Vicente is very reliable and polite and is always seen in all parts of the gardens throughout the day on his way to respond to another urgent call. In all the hustle and bustle he still manages to ask how you are. He copes well with his diverse duties cleaning, delivering post,collecting recycling and confidential waste across the site. He never complains even when he has worked beyond his working day.

EMPLOYEE: Vicente Lopez Neira

COMMENT:He is a really hardworking employee for your company. He does more than is required, he does all the recycling of the cardboard which is always heavy he never complains. He also deals with post service and confidential shredding sacks for Finance.He does the cleaning in the Directors House. He does his job very well and is always willing to assist you at short notice

EMPLOYEE: Vicente Lopez

COMMENT:A dedicated individual with a happy and positive personality. No task is too much trouble, Vicente is a great representative of Julius Rutherfoord and a highly valued member of the team.

EMPLOYEE: Anjelo De-leo

COMMENT:I am nominating Anjelo for this award because Anjelo is an exceptional employee that goes extra miles in his job. He never refuses anything that you ask him to do and always does extra for residents, staff and even contractors. Angelo works as a cleaner and is also a cook at MSH. Angelo recently had an accident at work and came back to work after 1 week, he is so committed with his job and is very productive. Angelo spent his money to cook roast for residents at Chritmas time, resident birthdays and even when we have party at MSC. Anjelo is very organised and keep the place very clean. He is very multi tasking and does many things at times. Many Thanks Nasreen Estate Manager MSH

EMPLOYEE: Vicente Lopez

COMMENT:Goes above and beyond – friendly – great customer service

EMPLOYEE: Vicente Lopez

COMMENT:Vicente Lopez is very friendly, well dressed and polite at all times.

EMPLOYEE: Umo Darame, Simao Darame


EMPLOYEE: Vicente Lopez

COMMENT:Vicente is always so helpful and friendly.

EMPLOYEE: Carlos Claro

COMMENT:I have nominated Carlos because he goes the extra mile every day. He works incredibly hard and cleans our building to the highest standards. He is always professional and polite. Everyone at the Fostering Network appreciates his excellent work and courteous manner.

EMPLOYEE: Krzysztof Marciniak, Krzysxtof P

COMMENT:When cleaning a room they noticed that a man in one room had very little personal things with him. The man is actually an illegal immigrant given to us to care for until repatriation. They placed in his room, shirts, t-shirt, socks, shoes and plenty of toiletries. They could have made us aware and we (The Salvation Army) would provide. But these two guys have done this themselves … as well as providing fresh flowers in the accommodation public areas at their own expense.


COMMENT:Comfort has helped us in removing a big spider from a wall that was causing a crisis in our HR department, as everyone is scared of spiders! She has been professional and very helpful, also very brave! Well done Comfort!!!! Everyone was very impressed! P.S. spider has been freed in outside and no arm was caused to it.

EMPLOYEE: Jose Branco

COMMENT:Jose provided excellent support during the past year. He supervises a team of early morning cleaners and then porters during the day. The demands upon him and the team were always great but he kept his customer focus and despite many challenges always completed tasks asked of him without complaint and with a smile. His commitment set an excellent example to colleagues and help the College to achieve it goals.

EMPLOYEE: Michael Sobral

COMMENT:Michael and his team were amazing when we had our fundraising festival at the school. They all worked immensely hard and kept the site looking fantastic during the day and did an incredible clear up so that the school grounds were back to normal and ready for the children on Monday morning. Well done and thank you

EMPLOYEE: David Cowley

COMMENT:We had a bottle of red wine break from a shopping bag and spill all over the carpet in the open plan department where students of the University visit daily, Mon – Fri, 9.30 – 5.30pm. The spillage happened at 5pm on a Friday and we emailed Chris, who in turn emailed Ricky and our University contact, David Cowley to see if something could be done to eradicate the smell and any stain before the students come back on Monday morning. We are so impressed with the speed and responsiveness by the team from the top to David and how David, after leaving work, contacted the night team to address our mess! Thank you so much for all working together so seamlessly and assisting our silly accident. You have definitely Wowed us!




Julius Rutherfoord