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Recycling Standards

Recycling Standards
recycling standards

How to improve your recycling score

We are committed to helping our clients to increase the amount of waste they recycle and the information below is intended as a guide to help each and every one of you to gain the maximum benefit from the recycling services that we offer.

If you received  your recycling certificate through the post, congratulations on your achievements over the previous 12 months. If you would like to learn more about what each recycling standard means and how you can further improve your recycling rates, read on.

Your recycling standard represents your achievements in recycling in the previous year. The award is based on your overall recycling rate, and the number of recycling services you have in place. It also lists key statistics such as total weight of waste recycled, as well as the number of trees and volume of CO2 saved through recycling in the previous year.

There are three recycling standards: Bronze, Silver and Gold. The requirements for each are outlined below:


Bronze Standard certifies that you are sending none of your waste to landfill.

To reach our Silver or Gold Standard try our Mixed Recycling service which accepts all paper, card, plastics, metals and glass in the same sack.

Mixed Recycling is lower cost than General Waste; will save you money and allow your business to start recycling.


Congratulations on attaining our Silver Standard. You are making great progress on improving the environmental performance of your business.

Push for the Gold Standard by implementing our easy Food Recycling service and reducing the number of General Waste sacks you use.

Food Recycling sacks are lower cost than General Waste and can be used by all sizes of business – even those who produce very little food waste.


Congratulations on attaining our Gold Standard! You are recycling almost all your waste material including food.

Keep your Gold status by ensuring staff use the right bins for the right material, and by using our specialist services for more difficult to recycle items. You can also try our closed-loop recycled white paper, made from the waste paper collected in your Mixed Recycling sacks.

Would you like to do more?

We can help any business achieve higher levels of recycling. To discuss more options, please call us on 020 7819 6700.

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