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Altaf - Profile Picture


IT Manager

Hi I’m Altaf. As IT Manager, it’s my role to ensure our systems are up-to-date, virus-free and we provide the right technology to keep our team connected Read more...
Andy - Profile Picture


Founding Director

Quality, client satisfaction and service are my passion and my role is to instil this in the rest of the team. Read more...
Bree - Profile Picture


Senior Business Development Manager

Hi I’m Bree As Senior Business Development Manager – I make sure I listen to your needs so I can propose the best solution for you. Simple! Read more...
Caroline - Profile Picture


Divisional Director

I have over 16 years’ experience in the cleaning industry. Dealing with various contracts across the UK means I understand what the customer requires – a clean and hygienic working […] Read more...
Daiva - Profile Picture


Accounts Manager

Hi I’m Daiva As Accounts Manager it’s my role to ensure that our invoices are accurate and we get paid on time. Read more...
Dominic - Profile Picture


Founding Director

I have done absolutely everything, but now the great team around me seem to do it so much better.   Confession: I never managed to control a High Speed Buffer! Read more...
Marcus - Profile Picture


Sales and Marketing Director

We’ve got a great story that has led to 20 years of sustainable growth. We’ve done that by great service and being flexible to the changing needs of clients. The […] Read more...
Mox - Profile Picture


Head of Accounts

Hi I’m Mox. As Head of Accounts, I hold the purse strings! Read more...
Polyana - Profile Picture


HR Assistant

Hi I’m Polyana. As HR Assistant, I make sure that new recruits are DBS checked and they are who they say they are before we offer them a job! Read more...
Rebecca - Profile Picture


Account Performance Manager

Hello, I’m Rebecca. As Account Performance Manager, I am the first point of contact for our clients and subcontractors! Read more...
Rhiannon - Profile Picture


Bid Executive

Hi, I’m Rhiannon. It’s my job as Bid Executive to support the sales team in producing sales and tender documents! Read more...
Stephen - Profile Picture


Commercial Manager

Hello, I’m Stephen. As a Commercial Manager with 25 years experience in the cleaning industry, I know how to provide a bespoke service solution Read more...
Steve - Profile Picture


HR Manager

Hello, I’m Steve. As HR Manager it’s my role to find great new team members and ensure our people are happy too! Read more...
Steven - Profile Picture


Project Manager

Hi, I’m Steven. As the Project Manager, it is my job to oversee and coordinate the implementation of new innovations and contract start-ups. Read more...
Tyrone - Profile Picture


Financial Controller

Hi I’m Tyrone. As financial Controller I have a strange obsession with Excel, reducing costs and maximising revenues! Read more...
Virginia - Profile Picture


Head of Customer Services

20Hi, I’m Virginia. As Head of Customer Services, I think of my job as similar to running a ‘concierge service’, if anyone wants anything – they come to me! Read more...
Julius Rutherfoord